Friday, December 9, 2016

Rock the Vote

Doing this blog after the election changes how I feel about this past election.
The fact that Trump was elected as our next president makes me nervous for our country, and more specifically many of the clients in which we as youth workers serve.  
Many of the clients who we serve are nervous for their rights.  
This election brought to light the hatred, frustration, and need for change the country is feeling.  I could not believe the way this election spiraled out of control.  Throughout the election I keep hoping there was no way that he could win, but he did.  Seeing the outburst after he won was truly sickening.  There were instantly reports of fights, attacks against minorities, and other vandalism.  I am trying to stay hopeful that he will not do many of the things he originally stated but when watching who he appoints into his office, it is getting more difficult to stay positive.  Since I do not agree with the things he stands for it is now my job to stand up for what I believe in.  
While there are many negatives that have come from this past election the positive is that many people who may have never paid attention to politics were interested this year.  Many young voters felt this was an election they needed to be informed about.  

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