Wednesday, November 16, 2016


My passion and mission for youth work is inspiring youth to learn social, emotional, and practical skills through movement and fitness.  The most rewarding part of the work I do is to see the small victories every class. For me, in my drums alive classes, it could be as simple a student who usually has difficulty staying at their drum following along for one song.  Or seeing what songs a student may really connect to and how I can best engage my students individually.  While many do not understand the way an activity like drums alive can influence a students social skills or emotional skills it has tremendous effects on our students.  They learn to create a community, begin to feel safe and accepted, they also are using fine motor skills, engaging in auditory, visual, and tactical ways.  

I related to the video that spoke about how their work relaxed them.  Along with the room where we lead activities we also have a sensory room where our students can go to relax themselves if they are having a difficult moment.  They learn coping skills and how to walk away to avoid a problem that can be avoided.  I also was reminded of how students often are nervous or worried when class starts and soon they are having fun in their own way.  I also related it back to myself because when I walk into Wiggle Kids no matter what kind of day I have had thus far, all my negative thoughts seem to go away and I become totally engaged in my students.  My experience there has helped me to focus on what a difference you can make when you totally commit.  

An example of what drums alive for kids would look like, this is not where I am currently interning just an example.